As leaders in the oil & natural gas industry, Miller Energy is active in monitoring and clarifying policy issues that support or threaten America’s energy independence. As demand for energy to keep our homes, vehicles, and businesses running continues to increase, so does our advancement in technology, allowing us to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy. While serious challenges face our nation on a variety of fronts, oil & natural gas industry representatives remain actively engaged with government leaders to ensure informed decision making so the energy needs of tomorrow are met.

The oil & natural gas industry is the backbone of the American economy. What happens in the industry is felt throughout the entire economy. The oil & natural gas industry not only provides most of the energy that heats our homes, powers our factories and offices, and gets Americans to school and work, it also supports 9.2 million American jobs and adds more than $1 trillion to the national economy. That’s 7.5% of our nation’s wealth. Not only that, but one out of every five dollars spent in this country supporting green jobs comes from investments made by the oil & natural gas industry.

In this resource section, we provide background information, legislation draft reviews and other documents to help our peers and our visitors make fair and accurate assessments of political positions and decisions that affect us all. Please use this resource to stay informed.