America’s oil & natural gas producers not only drive the domestic energy market with new discoveries and leading-edge technology; they also account for the federal treasury’s second largest revenue source. Like our fellow independent producers across the country, we are committed to strengthening America through the safe, responsible and environmentally-friendly development of resources to keep energy affordable here at home, creating new jobs and minimizing our dependence on foreign oil.

America’s thousands of independent petroleum producers provide the nation with a stable, continuous supply of oil & natural gas from domestic sources. Collectively, small and independent operators are responsible for:

  • 90 percent of our nation’s oil and gas wells
  • 68 percent of all domestic oil production
  • 82 percent of all domestic natural gas production

Recent analysis has shown that independent producers invest 150 percent of their domestic cash flow into American oil & natural gas development—enhancing our aggressive efforts to find and produce more energy, break our dependence on foreign sources and support our communities.

Independent oil & natural gas producers use innovative technologies and techniques to produce energy safely and efficiently. 21st century technologies allow us to produce more energy from fewer wells with minimal impacts on the environment. The use of these technologies is critical to safe development of American energy in the future, especially when it comes to the national goal of lessening our dependence on foreign, unstable sources of energy. As long-standing members of our communities, we work with local partners to ensure they are involved in the production process, and share in the benefits of domestic energy production. Our neighbors are our most important allies, and are critical to our continued ability to produce energy for the American economy.

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