Miller Energy is now poised for its next generation of growth. Armed with financial liquidity, an established network of contacts within the financial and operational communities, in-house technical expertise, and a heritage of success in both the domestic and international arenas, we have established a goal of attaining record financial performance through re-investment in the domestic energy business. We intend to expand our portfolio of energy investments through direct participation in operated and non-operated positions within the domestic basins.

Miller Energy’s technical expertise, its proven ability to manage investments, and its demonstrated capacity to attract outside capital for projects all support its ability to identify exceptional investments and foster their development toward ultimate financial realization. In keeping with our history, we may, for strategic reasons, create alliances with others in our investment plans. We may generate prospects or form joint ventures or partnerships in support of these investments. Finally, though control through majority ownership or operatorship is not a prerequisite, we expect to take an active role in the management and leadership of the projects in which we invest and that such participation will add significantly to the ultimate success of each pursuit.

Miller Energy’s objective going forward is to be an active acquirer of domestic onshore oil and gas properties. We are interested in acquiring long-lived oil and gas assets with shallow decline rates and multiple pay opportunities. Our goal is to build a portfolio of properties that will maximize our returns through stable ongoing cash flows, increased production, and operating efficiency. Our past has exemplified our solid reputation as a good business partner that can evaluate and close deals promptly.

If you have oil & natural gas interests that you plan to divest, please forward information about your properties to  Luke Miller. Your submissions will be given our immediate attention. We look forward to working with you.